Sep. 27th, 2009

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I started working at Rose's the first time about fourteen years ago. At the time we had these small, brown shopping carts. I was the new guy at the time and my two responsibilities were cleaning the bathrooms and doing buggy pick ups. Rain or shine I'd be out there gathering these horribly old little things in to be filled up with toilet paper by the elderly and with toys at Christmas. We also used them to put our freight out. We'd fill a buggy up and roll it out, empty it, then do it all again and return it at the end of the day.
Some time later we started getting new buggies in. Not "NEW" new, but new to us. No idea where these square, giant, yellow monstrosities came from, but we had them. Someone had stuck Rose's stickers on the side, where as the old ones had it pressed into the plastic and painted. Eventually we started getting average sized red carts in that used to be from Target. For the most part they're sturdy and easy to push and pretty easy to get on a buggy pick up. Not long after the yellow ones started coming in we more or less lost our brown buggies. We didn't send them out, there was no conscious effort to get rid of them. They all either broke and got thrown out, or they were carted off by people for God knows what.
I've come and gone from the store twice in the last fourteen years. I've had two other retail jobs and one office job I'm still bitter about losing. In the end though, I ended up back. There's not much left there that I recognize. There's Greg, Mrs. Persons, and Mrs. Boren. Mrs. Persons and Boren have been there longer than me. Imagine my shock to walk in the stockroom soon after coming back and finding a very old brown buggy with a Rose's logo on the side. I'm not going to lie and say I specifically recognize this one, but it's such a throw back to those old days. It's something unexpectedly familiar in an almost alien environment. To be honest, when I slowly put my hands on that brown plastic handle bar I almost teared up. I felt 19 again with the world in front of me. Then I woke up.
I let Mrs. Persons keep the buggy in her department over in softlines. She'll guard it like she guards everything else she has over there so I know it's safe. Every now and again, though, I'll pop over when I'm sure no one will see me and I'll check on what may be my oldest friend in the store.

Man. This is almost pathetic!


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