Aug. 30th, 2009

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Well, things seem better. Sort of. Financially, things are starting to get on an even keel again. The problem is I feel sort of out of it. I'm not spending a lot of time with my friends and I feel a bit like a hermit. Going out feels weird and staying home is far too comfortable in some ways. I think on my day off next week I'll go out somewhere and not worry about where.

I'm feeling ok artistically. I feel confident in my abilities and I think the comic is going all right. I'm starting to have new ideas for Errant Apprentice AND for Mailbox Rocketship. The funny thing is, I really wish I could find an artist to do MR for me. I feel like I don't have time, but then again I just spent hours on Fallout 3 and will be on City of Heroes tonight. How serious about this art thing am I if I keep doing stuff like this? Shouldn't I be spending almost every waking hour doing this comic thing? Or at least, well, I don't know what. Is something wrong with me?

It dawned on me that I'm now a reader. I realize that might not be some kind of big revelation, but to me it is. There was a time not long ago that I never read. I did the required stuff in school and I read Adams and Jordan. I blame Katrina. I had no other options so I started reading Lovecraft and that's about it. Now I'm reading damned near anything I can get my hands on. That's about it for now. More later.


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